What ever your transportation need is we can do it

Services are a varied as the people who request them.  From bringing mountain bikes up to Big Bear for a fun filled weekend or a large group attending a wedding, we've got the vehicles to make it happen.

Long Distance Ride

Big Bear
Los Angeles
Las Vegas

There are many popular destinations that are within a few hours drive. Get out of town today or the state for that matter.  Call ahead to check on a special low flat rates. we get you there cheaper allowing you to do more of the things you love. This is the Top's Taxi way!

Local Rides

Drop Fee:  

A drop fee  of $2.50, also called a "flag" will be applied at the time of pickup. This starts the meter.

Mileage is computed at $2.50 per mile. Didnt quite go the extra mile? Dont worry about it, our meters only charge you the actual distance you go. No over paying!

Time is computed at $25.00 per hour. This charge is applied when the vehicle is not moving such as standing by while you conduct business at the ATM or inside a store. 

Special Events

Wedding party and guest transport

Thankfully you won’t have to pay additionally because you brought a few friends along.  If you have more than 6 people in your party call to ensure that the vehicles are prepared when you need them. Same price regardless of quantity.

Large Items
Joshua Tree National Park (Scenic Ride)

Top's Taxi can drive you through the park stopping at every exhibit of your choice to grab the perfect picture or a short hike. We can even transport you to an excellent company that specializes in memorable & exciting excursions through the National park. Call for pricing and info.

Some times your trip includes bringing a mountain bike, canoe or other large items. For those instances, give us a call to inquire about getting you and your toys to the places you want to go. Call to schedule.

Non-emergency medical transport

For those non-emergency medical needs look no further than Top's Taxi. We can get you to the doctors office and back promptly and without hassle. Special round trip pricing available. Call today to inquire.


For those who wish to venture further away for work or play, we can take you to the airport. Palm Springs (PSP) Ontario International (ONT) and Las Vegas (LAS) are all great places to fly in and out of. For those traveling officially with DTS we can provide a receipt.


Top's Taxi is authorised on base. We can pick up or drop you off. Call us for your ride today!

Arrive Alive:No Marine left Behind or any service member for that matter!

Marines, If you find yourself without money and or unable to drive, call us! We will NEVER leave you without help. 

Theme Parks

Did you want to go to SIx Flag's Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm or disney land. We will drive you there, wait and drive you back for an unbelieveable low price.

For those who wish to go to church but can't find a ride Top's Taxi can take you there and pick you up. Never Late, always there.

Church on Sundays

As a newly managed company looking to rebuild we are eager to ear your trust and business. inquire about our any current discounts like one for sharing us on Facebook checking in on Yelp;