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Marine fighting positions kroean hill 1282, Chosen Few
We Hold Here!

Bugles, horns and the chant, "sonofbitch Marines, we kill.... sonofbitch Marines, you die" announced the second enemy attack of the night against easy company, 2/7 on hill 1282 north of Yudam-ni on 27 November 1950. As the overwhelming chinese force began to penetrate the Marine lines Captain Walter Phillips rushed forward hurling grenande into the advancing enemy ranks and giving encouragement to his Marines. Grabbing a rifle from the snow he plunged the baynet into the frozen ground and shouted "This is Easy Company and We Hold Here"! Minutes later the easy company "skipper" died from a burst of enemy small arms fire.

Of the one hundred seventy six Easy Company Marines that marched onto HIll 1282 only thirty six marched off on the afternoon of 28 November.


Marines can see a painting from the late Jack Stites in the 7th Marines Regimental Headquaters buiding.

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